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At Palmer Cosmetic Surgery our goal is to provide the best possible care to our patients so they can enjoy an improved self-image and a better quality of life. Each patient’s operation is designed specifically for them and the most modern techniques are utilized. Special care is taken to ensure a safe operative experience and to provide natural long-lasting results.

All surgeries performed at Palmer Cosmetic Surgery are performed without the need for drains or general anesthesia. Sedation anesthesia is utilized, reducing many of the risks of surgery and making the recovery of our patients a much more comfortable experience. To make our patients recovery as easy as possible, extremely gentle operations are performed and advanced pain control techniques are administered to minimize and in many cases eliminate post-operative pain.

Modern techniques, with long-lasting and natural results with minimum scaring, combined with our professionalism and friendly service is why we continue to transform and improve the lives of patients from all over the world.

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Dr. Palmer has developed the P.A.L.M.E.R lift, a unique and innovative approach to facelifts and facial rejuvenation surgery which can only be had at Palmer Cosmetic Surgery. Facial rejuvenation surgery done by Dr. Palmer restores youthful anatomy with no signs of stretching of the skin or an unnatural appearance.

Breast augmentation procedures are customized to achieve our patient’s desired results with a minimal amount of pain and a very quick recovery. Our augmentation mastopexies are done with minimal scarring.

Abdominoplasty surgery (tummy tuck) provides both a flat stomach and natural contours with very well hidden incisions. Dr. Palmer was one of the first surgeons in the United States who performed an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) without the need for drains. He has been employing this technique for over 20 years.

Rhinoplasty (nose jobs) are all performed without the need for external incisions or nasal packing.

If you have questions, need to know more about plastic surgery or would like to schedule your complimentary personalized consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether you are here for surgery, injectables, laser treatments or just to explore the possibilities of discovering a NEW YOU, we look forward to helping you achieve great results.

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Patient Review

"Dr. Palmer listened to what my expectations were and how I expected to look upon outcome. The staff was so nice and available..."

"The incredible staff, everyone was so friendly and well informed. The wonderful attention given and how everything was explained..."

"I had several procedures done. The outcome was amazing! Dr. Palmer is incredible with his no Pain technique..."


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